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What is the Flow conference?

The Flow conference is hosted by the graduate students and faculty of the Radio-Television-Film department at the University of Texas at Austin. The conference will resemble traditional academic conferences in name only: there will be no panels, no papers, and no plenary meetings. The goal of the conference is to promote discussion amongst television and media scholars, members of the media industries, media activists, fans, and policy-makers over crucial issues related to television and media. The conference will consist of a series roundtables, each organized around a question on television and media culture.

Why did you decide to structure the conference in this way?

The Flow conference is premised on a few observations:

  • There are too few television and media conferences.
  • Traditional conferences provide too little time for discussion.
  • Wider conversation and the circulation of ideas can promote collegiality, a less polarized discipline, and the promise of engaging multiple publics, both academic and non-academic, with our ideas.
  • Critical media studies will be more effective if it grapples openly with the immediacy and breadth of its object of study.

When and where is the conference?

The conference will be held at the Texas Union located on the campus of the University of Texas Austin. The roundtables will begin around noon on Thursday, October 9 and will end around 5 pm on Saturday, October 11. Our complete conference schedule will be posted shortly. Visit our Conference Site page for information about our special evening events.

How did you decide on roundtable topics?

The conference organizing committee invited current and previous Flow columnists to propose questions for the roundtables.

Columnists who contributed a roundtable topic include: Hector Amaya, Ron Becker, Mary Beltran, Patrick Burkart, Dan Chamberlain, Harper Cossar, Barbara Crow, Mara Einstein, Eric Freedman, Joshua Green, Heather Hendershot, Jennifer Holt, Jeffrey Jones, Shanti Kumar, Ken McAllister, Toby Miller, Diane Negra, Horace Newcomb, Alisa Perren, Shelley Rodrigo, Judd Ruggill, Kimberly Springer, Joe Straubhaar, Sharon Strover, Mitchell Szczepanczyk, Bernard Timberg, Chuck Tryon, and the Flow Conference Organizing Committee

How can I join a roundtable?

The conference Calls for Responses (CFR) is now closed. However we would like to encourage you to register and attend the conference. Each roundtable will begin with a discussion amongst the roundtable panelists. The discussion will then be opened up to a wider conversation to include everyone in attendance. All conference guests are welcome to attend all roundtables and are actively encouraged to participate in all discussions.

Can I attend a roundtable if I am not an official member of it?

Yes! All conference guests are welcome to attend all roundtables and are actively encouraged to participate in the discussion.

Will you provide stipends to defray the costs of the conference to participants?

We are working on raising money to help participants attend the conference. The conference organizing committee’s priorities in allocating money are to graduate students and other participants who have particular need for financial assistance. Visit our Funding page for more information.

How can I find a roommate for the weekend?

We have set up a Roommate Finder page to help connect you with other participants who are also looking for a roommate.

Who should I contact to find out more about the conference?

You can contact the 2008 Flow Conference Organizing Committee via email.

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