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<strong>Mobile Mediality II: Locative Mobile Gaming</strong> <br /> <em>Mimi Sheller, Drexel University</em>

Mobile Mediality II: Locative Mobile Gaming
Mimi Sheller, Drexel University

January 22, 2013

Mobile gaming and the increasing imbrication of places, data, and screens.

<strong>Lindsay Lohan: Star Image Succubus</strong> <br /> <em>Andrew Scahill / George Mason University</em>

Lindsay Lohan: Star Image Succubus
Andrew Scahill / George Mason University

Lohan, and narratives of stars falling and arising from the ashes.

<strong>Zoë Saldana: The Complicated Politics of Casting a Black Latina</strong> <br /> <em>Isabel Molina-Guzmán / University of Illinois</em>

Zoë Saldana: The Complicated Politics of Casting a Black Latina
Isabel Molina-Guzmán / University of Illinois

Racial authenticity and racially biased typecasting for dark-skinned African Americans and Latinas.

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