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<strong>Teaching <em>Friday Night Lights</em></strong> <br /> <em>R. Colin Tait / Texas Christian University</em>

Teaching Friday Night Lights
R. Colin Tait / Texas Christian University

April 21, 2015

The uniqueness of Friday Night Lights as a teaching tool far beyond the text.

<strong>Knowledge, Agency, and the “Strong Female Lead” in Serialized Television</strong> <br /> <em>Kathleen Battles / Oakland University</em>

Knowledge, Agency, and the “Strong Female Lead” in Serialized Television
Kathleen Battles / Oakland University

A look into TV shows with a “Strong Female Lead” where the author argues that each woman remains “strong” in terms of her abilities, but their access to knowledge and subsequent ability to act becomes extremely limited.

<strong>Stasis, Change, and Televisual Comic Book Film Franchising</strong>  <br/><em>Derek Johnson / University of Wisconsin-Madison</em>

Stasis, Change, and Televisual Comic Book Film Franchising
Derek Johnson / University of Wisconsin-Madison

A look into Marvel’s film franchises and which heroes appeal to markets.

<strong>When YouTube Discovered Craft<br /><em>Christopher Lucas / Trinity University</em></strong>

When YouTube Discovered Craft
Christopher Lucas / Trinity University

A look into how Youtube celebrities manage their cinematic style.

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