Informational Infidelity: What Happens When the “Real” News is Considered “Fake” News, Too?
Melissa Zimdars / Merrimack College

Melissa Zimdars examines the public’s distrust of mainstream news reporting, and argues their coverage in fact contributes to this distrust through “information infidelity” – the process of inaccurately or imprecisely copying, reproducing, and/or relaying information that may already be based on questionable or unreliable sources.

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Flow has published articles from over 700 authors in its 17-year history – from the tenured senior scholar to the graduate student junior scholar. Flow‘s authors are spread all across the Americas – from New York to California and from Canada to Brazil – and across the globe – from England and Scotland to New Zealand and Australia, to Singapore and beyond. […]

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Flow 2018 Conference Schedule & Roundtables

The Flow 2018 organizers are proud to present our preliminary conference schedule featuring 31 roundtable panels. Check back later for more details about our receptions and other events. This year’s conference roundtables will take place at the Texas Union (UNB) and the Belo Media Center (BMC) on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. Walk-up registration and check-in […]

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