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<strong>Fighting, beers and the queered – Class, hyper-masculinity and reality TV</strong> <br /> <em>Faye Davies / Birmingham City University</em>

Fighting, beers and the queered – Class, hyper-masculinity and reality TV
Faye Davies / Birmingham City University

An exploration of masculinity on British reality TV.

<strong>Film, Nostalgia, and The Digital Divide</strong> <br /> <em>Wheeler Winston Dixon / University of Nebraska-Lincoln</em>

Film, Nostalgia, and The Digital Divide
Wheeler Winston Dixon / University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The old films and film camera equipment have been almost taken away from us – and apparently, we didn’t even notice.

<strong>Surveillance and Disinformation</strong><br/> <strong>Hacked: Nadia El Fani’s “Bedwin Hacker”</strong><br/><em>Dale Hudson / NYU Abu Dhabi</em>

Surveillance and Disinformation
Hacked: Nadia El Fani’s “Bedwin Hacker”
Dale Hudson / NYU Abu Dhabi

Considering Bedwin Hacker’s take on immigration as a degenerative form of cultural invasion, and hacking as a destructive form of vandalism against intellectual property or terrorism against the state.

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